A tidally tilted sectoral dipole pulsation mode in the eclipsing binary TIC 63328020

S.A. Rappaport, D.W. Kurtz, G. Handler, D. Jones, L.A. Nelson, H. Saio, J. Fuller, D.L. Holdsworth, A. Vanderburg, J.Žák, M. Skarka, J. Aiken, P.F.L. Maxted, D.J. Stevens, D.L. Feliz, F. Kahraman Aliçavuş

BOOK - Reviews in Frontiers of Modern Astrophysics

Editors: Kabath, Petr, Jones, David, Skarka, Marek (Eds.)

  1. Space Debris: Optical Measurements - Pages 1-21 - Šilha, Jiří
  2. Meteors: Light from Comets and Asteroids - Pages 23-44 - Matlovič, Pavol (et al.)
  3. Extrasolar Enigmas: From Disintegrating Exoplanets to Exoasteroids - Pages 45-88 - Budaj, Jan (et al.)
  4. Physical Conditions and Chemical Abundances in Photoionized Nebulae from Optical Spectra - Pages 89-121 - García-Rojas, Jorge
  5. Observational Constraints on the Common Envelope Phase - Pages 123-153 - Jones, David
  6. A Modern Guide to Quantitative Spectroscopy of Massive OB Stars - Pages 155-187 - Simón-Díaz, Sergio
  7. The Explosion Mechanism of Core-Collapse Supernovae and Its Observational Signatures - Pages 189-211 - Pejcha, Ondřej
  8. Low-Mass and Sub-stellar Eclipsing Binaries in Stellar Clusters - Pages 213-243 - Lodieu, Nicolas (et al.)
  9. Globular Cluster Systems and Galaxy Formation - Pages 245-277 - Beasley, Michael A.
  10. Hot Atmospheres of Galaxies, Groups, and Clusters of Galaxies - Pages 279-310 - Werner, Norbert (et al.)
  11. The Establishment of the Standard Cosmological Model Through Observations - Pages 311-347 - Génova-Santos, Ricardo Tanausú
  12. Exploiting Solar Visible-Range Observations by Inversion Techniques: From Flows in the Solar Subsurface to a Flaring Atmosphere - Pages 349-378 - Švanda, Michal (et al.)
  13. Starburst Galaxies - Pages 379-411 - Orlitova, Ivana

CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 49, No.: 3, year: 2019


The star formation timescale of elliptical galaxies -- Fitting [Mg/Fe] and total metallicity simultaneously

Zhiqiang Yan, Terea Jerabkova, Pavel Kroupa

Spatial distribution of exoplanet candidates based on Kepler and Gaia data

Maliuk, Andrii; Budaj, Jan

Capabilities of bisector analysis of the Si I 10 827 Å line for estimating line-of-sight velocities in the quiet Sun

González Manrique, S. J.; Quintero Noda, C.; Kuckein, C.; Ruiz Cobo, B.; Carlsson, M.

Tracking downflows from the chromosphere to the photosphere in a solar arch filament system

Sergio Javier González Manrique et al.2020

The star formation timescale of elliptical galaxies. Fitting [Mg/Fe] and total metallicity simultaneously

Yan, Zhiqiang; Jerabkova, Tereza; Kroupa, Pavel

Uncovering a 260 pc wide, 35 Myr old filamentary relic of star formation

Beccari, Giacomo; Boffin, Henri M. J.; Jerabkova, Tereza

Supernovae within Pre-existing Wind-Blown Bubbles: Dust Injection vs. Ambient Dust Destruction

Sergio Martinez-Gonzalez

On the triple-star origin of the planetary nebula Sh 2-71

Jones et al. 2019, accepted MNRAS

Detection Limits of Exoplanetary Atmospheres with 2-m Class Telescopes

Kabath et al. 2019, PASP

Press release:

"Volcanic" supernovas which enrich the interstellar medium: Sergio Martínez-González et al.


Pyroclastic Blowout: Dust Survival in Isolated versus Clustered Supernovae: Sergio Martínez-González et al. | astro-ph